Largest Cows in the World, part 2

Part 1:

11. Bazadaise:


These large cows were originally used for farm work in the grapevines of Bordeaux. The cows can weigh up to 1,110 kgs. They have been gradually used as a reputable beef breed instead of just sturdy work animals and are now one of the most common French cattle used for that purpose. Average height and weight of the Bazadaise bulls is 145 cms and 1100 kgs, while the cows measure 140 centimeters and weigh 750 kgs. Calves are born a pale beige in color and remain so until 3 monghts old.

12. Maine- Anjou:


Just like the name suggest, this French cow originated in the Anojou region. It could reach a weight of 1400 kgs and is raised for both milk and beef productiion. The cow is famous for the face that it can easily build muscle and fat. Originally French farmers with small patches of grazing land use Maine – Anjou Cows as they would fatten up easily earning them a hefty return on investment. The bulls could be quite temperamental, but the cows have a great demeanor.

13. Parthenais:


With a height of 1.45 meters and a weight of up to 1150 kgs, this animals earns its place on the list of biggest cows in the world. It originated in the region of Deux – sevres and is said to be one of the oldest French cattles. The cows provide high quality milk used for several dairy products including butter. They were also used for draft purposes. It can also be used for beef production because of the high quality meat that is low in cholesterol. Now you know your options if you plan to produce your own snacks someday. It gets better.

14. Hereford Cattle:

Hereford Cattle

The origins of this cattle is the county of Herefordshire. Various agricultural authors have mentioned them as long ago as the early 1600s. During the 1700s and the early 1800s, documented records of the breed were maintained by various individuals in and around the Herefordshire area. Mature males may weigh up to 1800 pounds while female clock 1200. They are muscular, moderate to long and length of side, adequate in length of leg, large, trim and smooth.

15. Belted Galloway:

Belted Galloway

Galloway cattle are naturally bull. Bulls weigh from 1700 to 2300 pounds with the average being around 1800 pounds. They are well suited for rough grazing land and will eat coarse grass as other breeds whould shine. They are able to produce high quality beef on grass alone. Cats generally weigh around 70 pounds at birth. Belted Galloway are often quiet temparament but still maintain a maternal instinct to protect calves against perceived threats.

16. Tuli:


Tuli are moderate framed cattle and have three basic color codes: Red, yellow and white. Tuli cattle produce high quality beef. Their meat receives consistently excellent ratings fot it flavor, tenderness and marbling. Usually, Tuli cattle are large enough to be slaughtered at about 18 months. They weigh 430 to 450 kgs.

17. Glan Cattle:

Glan Cattle

Today Glan Cattle are used mainly for beef production. This member of the largest cow in the world club can reach 1.45 meters in height and a weight of up to 1200 kgs. Unfortunately, the breed is now rarely used and the number is fading each year. This cow breed is not used in breeding programs or in livestock shows which is why it’s going extinct. With the efforts of a preservation society established in 1985, the Gland Cattle might make a slow comeback.

18. Santa Gertrudis:

Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis cattle may be horned or pulled. A mature bull weighs 1700 to 2200 pounds while an average cow weigh between 1350 to 1850 pounds. The higher weights reached by Santa Gertrudis cattle are particular interest to commercial breeders compared to other meat breeds. While the average price range of cattle is one thousand to three thousand dollars, the Santa Gertrudis cow mostly cost twelve hundred dollars whereas bulls go for twenty five hundred dollars because of their large sizse.

19. American Brahman:

American Brahman

Brahman is an American cow of boss indicus beef cattle that was bred in The United States around 1885 to create a more sustainable species. This hearty cow has many unique characteristics that help it adapt to almost any environment. Brahman are intermediate in size among the breeds. Bulls will generally weigh between 1600 and 2200 pounds and cows from a thousand to fourteen hundred pounds in average conditions. The calves are small at birth weighing 60 to 65 pounds but grow very rapidly and wean at higher rates compared to other cows.

20. Chianina:


Chianina is the largest cow species in the world. It originated in Tuscany Italy. It can reach a height of two meters and weighs more than 1700 kgs. Chianina cows are also one of the oldest cattle breeds. The biggest cow is now used for beef production. In the past, it was popular as a draft animal meaning used for labor such as dragging a carriage. A Chianina bull named Donetto holds the world record for heaviest bull in the world.

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